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  • Coming soon: freely accesible and regularly updated living systematic review on telerehabilitation. We will also present in-depth details on these interventions.

  • 4.01.2023
    Neuer Artikel im Archives of Physiotherapy über Telerehabilitation! Sehr interessant!
    Melden Sie uns Ihre Fragestellungen zur Telerehabilitation mit diesem Formular (hier klicken)
    Die Datenbank der eingeschlossenen randomisierten Studien wächst und wächst. Sie können jetzt unter der Rubrik "Eigene Fragestellung" ihre eigenen spezifischen Frage eingeben. Das IGPTR-Tele-Rehabilitations-Team wird die Frage bearbeiten und mit ihnen Rücksprache nehmen, wie Sie im Prozess integriert werden möchten.

    Living systematic review on tele-rehabilitation

    This living systematic review on tele-rehabilitation was initiated by Roger Hilfiker and Dr. Peter Oesch on behalf of IGPTR, a swiss interest oup for physiotherapy in rehabilitation. The aim is to provide a freely accesible website with information on effectiveness of tele-rehabilitation in different fields.

    The project has also the aim to include clinicians in research activities. Clinicians who want to collaborate in this research project can chose among different work packages. The research team will then train the clinicians in the needed skills. For example, if clinicians would like to help in screening abstracts, they can invest as many or few hours as they want. They will be trained and supervised by the research team. .

    The following persons are working on this project. If we forgot someone, please forgive us and send a message in the chat (right lower corner, blue icon):

    Peter Oesch, Martin Römhild, Denise Köhler, Anika Adler, Jesko Streeck, Josch Jensen, David Schmidt, Daniel Riese, Susanne Hoebbel, Marco Stahn, Dmitry Ayzikov, Alexander Jerlitschka, Matthias Straub, Gerhard Mayer, Carina Ziller, Thomas Benz, Max Fromm, Fabian Blum, Claudia Schmidt, Pierrette Baschung, Eileen Westerhaus, Christoph Schwertfellner, Caroline Keller, Pascale Gränicher, Lisa Bauer.

    This project is financed by the IGPTR.

    If you want to know more about living systematic review, this link provides a good starting point: Overview of a series of articles on living systematic review.